Analysis and Optimum Ranking of Customer Needs: Integrating Kano in QFD Models

Document Type : Research Paper



The quality of a product or service is key for customer satisfaction. The level of satisfaction is ultimately dependent on the fulfillment of customer needs. Quality Function Deployment (QFD) has been an important tool in the translation of the voice of the customer (VOC) into product’s specification. Since the impact on customer satisfaction is different for each customer requirement, it is very important to determine which attributes of a product or service bring more satisfaction than others. The Kano Model of customer satisfaction can determine attractive, mustbe requirements and performance needs, and can be used in the QFD matrix to assure that the most critical needs are translated into the next phases of product development. But, integrating these two models, causes that analysis, classification and priority of customer needs to improve. In this article, we are going to provide an integrating model kano in qfd to analysis and rank customer needs. Finally, we show a case study to be sure about the accuracy of the proposed model