Main Subjects = زنجیره تامین و لجستیک
An Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System to Measure Supply Chain Continuity (The Case of IranKhodro Company)

Volume 23, Issue 90, June 2019, Pages 85-114

Mehran Ebrahimi; Adel Azar; Hossein Safari; Mohammad Reza Sadeghimoghadam

The Hierarchical Cycle Hub Location Problem

Volume 23, Issue 89, January 2019, Pages 155-176

alireza eydi; khaled barzegar

Analysis of the Effect of Demand Variables and Safety Stock on Costs and Bullwhip Effect of the Supply Chain

Volume 23, Issue 89, January 2019, Pages 177-205

sayyid ali banihashemi; sayyid mohammad haji-molana

Modeling the bidding approach and its application for the procurement of relief items

Volume 22, Issue 87, November 2018, Pages 67-100

Maziar Khoshsirat; Rahim dabbagh; Ali Bozorgi-Amiri

The Impact of Supply Chain Quality Management on Performance Due to Rule of Innovation

Volume 22, Issue 85, March 2018, Pages 59-103

Ali Nazeri; Mehdi Nosratpur; SHABNAM ASAKARE

A Bi-level Optimization Modeling for Perishable Food Supply Chain: The Case of A Warm-water Farmed Fish Supply Chain in Iran

Volume 21, Issue 84, December 2017, Pages 169-204

Seyfollah Tabrizi; Seyed Hassan Ghodsypour; Abbas Ahmadi

Corporate Sustainability Indicators in Iranian Medium-sized Food Industry

Volume 21, Issue 82, June 2017, Pages 67-94

alireza tafreshi motlagh; laya olfat; Jahanyar Bamdad Soufi; Maghsoud Amiri