Analytical Glance at Non-disclosure Contact with Emphsis on ICC Instance Contract

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1 faculty of law,university of tehran

2 faculty of law,taft azad university-yazd

3 faculty of law,shahid beheshti university


The trade secretes is very important for the owner of secretes specially for the traders.  Non-disclosure contract of trade secrets is used to prevent disclosure of trade secrets and, conducting it makes it easier to prove commitment to secrecy by the loser and predicting contract performance guarantee such as indemnity, compensation is guaranteed in the better way, so it has taken a special place and importance so that it can be considered as the most important predictive and contractual support tool. However, to what extent the contract can be considered as an appropriate protective tool for the holder of trade secrets is questioned and worried by traders. In this descriptive-analytical research , the advantages, application, performance guarantee and the effects of this contract on the parties and the second parties relying on the instance contract of international chamber of commerce we concluded that although the advantages of using this contract as a protective standard for the owner is undeniable, but one can’t rely on it as a guarantee tool , rather it is necessary to view this contract as a minimum protective lever and other approaches is used as a complementary.


اتاق بازرگانی بین‌المللی(کمیته ایرانی)، نمونه توافقنامه محرمانگی ICC به همراه نمونه شرط محرمانگی  ICC (1396)، ترجمه محسن ایزانلو، چاپ اول، تهران:نشر جنگل
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بشیری، عباس و مریم پور رحیم (1390)، اسرار تجاری الکترونیکی کاربردی در قانون تجارت الکترونیکی ایران، چاپ اول تهران: انتشارات جاودانه
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-حکیمی، ندا (1387)، بررسی ماهیت حقوقی قراردادهای عدم افشاء اسرار تجاری، پایان نامه کارشناسی ارشد حقوق مالکیت فکری، دانشکده حقوق، دانشگاه تهران
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