Modern Changes of Legal Protection from Trade Secrets in New EU(2016) Through Comparative Study in Iran Law

Document Type : Research Paper


1 faculty of law,taft azad university-yazd

2 faculty of law,university of tehran


Trade secrets are very important for the owner of trade secrets particularly for the traders. Confidential information is important for competition, research and development and protection of science exchange between the business and encouraging the innovation and creating the new science. Nevertheless, perhaps because of their nature, strong and effective support has not existed for the trade secrets and it is seen in the present Europe rules according to the European authors’ admission particularly because of variety of the national rules and different reaction of the EU member countries. The new directive with the aim of equalization of the trade secrets  regulations and  making closer the rules of member countries in order to create a sufficient and stable system defining the trade secrets and legal and illegal cases of education. Using and revealing of trade secrets and prediction of the protective measures and amendatory solutions and compensation system and protection of the trade secrets, some effective step has been taken in judgment procedure. Descriptive- analytical analysis of the directive regulations and adapting it with Iran law reveal that its general rules and principles especially in determining the determinant criterion of damage rates applied to the owner and necessity to observe proportion principle in taking the practices and compensation solutions and creating restriction for individuals’ accessibility to the minutes and the presented documents during judgment procedure, it should not be incompatible with  the essentials and principles of our law system and it can be used to develop and straighten the protective system of the trade secrets, but considering this matter that the mentioned directive is a minimum and coordinator rule, need for complementary regulations especially using non-disclosure  agreement and non-compete agreements is absolutely felt.


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