Main Subjects = اقتصادکلان و بین‌الملل و پول و ارز
Investigation of Currency Crises Incidence in the Iranian Economy

Volume 23, Issue 90, June 2019, Pages 1-32

kazem yavari; Reza Najarzadeh; Nader Mehregan

Reviewing Iran’s Economic Convergence with Russia in CIS and The Marshall–Lerner Condition

Volume 22, Issue 88, December 2018, Pages 1-45

mansour molaepour; mohamad lotfalipour; mohamadhosain mahdavi; Ahmad Sabahi

The Effect of Exchange Rate Uncertainty on the Trade Balance of Iran: The Asymmetric Stochastic Volatility Model

Volume 22, Issue 88, December 2018, Pages 207-255

behnam elyaspour; mohammadtaher ahmadi shadmehri; mohammadreza lotfalipour; mohammadali falahi

The monetary policy compatible with Iran's oil economy with the BVAR-DSGE approach

Volume 22, Issue 87, November 2018, Pages 125-162

Elham esmailipour masouleh; shamsollah shirinbakhsh; Ilnaz Ebrahimi

Regional Integration and Its Impact on Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)

Volume 21, Issue 84, December 2017, Pages 27-64

vahid shaghaghi shahri

The Role of Intellectual Property Rights in Economic Growth: Case Study of TRIPs

Volume 21, Issue 84, December 2017, Pages 65-92

Somayeh Shahhosseini; Shahram Vasfi Asfestani; Somayeh Naserzadeh

Evaluating Taylor Rule and Money Growth Rate Rule in a DSGE Model for Iran

Volume 21, Issue 83, September 2017, Pages 67-102

Neda Bayat; Javid Bahrami