Main Subjects = تجارت بین‌الملل
The Effects of Economic Complexity on Social Welfare in Selected Developing Countries

Volume 23, Issue 89, January 2019, Pages 89-122

Abolfazl Shahabadi; Hanieh Arghand

The Role of Corruption in Regional Export (Case Study: ECO Countries)

Volume 22, Issue 86, June 2018, Pages 27-64

vahid shaghaghi shahri

Applicability of “ National Treatment" in WTO Regulations over Iranian Tendering Act

Volume 22, Issue 85, March 2018, Pages 225-248

Raheleh Seyed morteza hosseiny; Hamid Baqerzade

The Welfare Effects of Iran's Accession to WTO in a DCGE Framework

Volume 21, Issue 84, December 2017, Pages 131-168

rahman saadat; Esmaiel Abounoori; mortaza Baky Hoskouei; Mohammad hassan zarea

WTO Accessing Negotiations and Economic Growth: Dynamic Panel Data (Panel GMM) Approach

Volume 21, Issue 83, September 2017, Pages 135-182

abbas shakeri; YAHYA FATHI

The Effect of Income Inequality on Demand Function of Imports of Consumption Goods in Iran

Volume 21, Issue 81, February 2017, Pages 31-56

abolfazl shahabadi; mohammadikazem naziri

Trans-Pacific Partnership and rebalancing of China’s economic influence

Volume 21, Issue 81, February 2017, Pages 125-148

mohamad taghi ansari

The Impact of Economic Sanctions on Composition of Major Trade Partners of Iran (1992-2013)

Volume 20, Issue 79, September 2016, Pages 1-34

Alireza kazerooni; Hossein Asgharpour; avin khezri

General Rules Governing Guarantee Contracts in International Trade

Volume 20, Issue 79, September 2016, Pages 177-195

mohamadhamed soleymanzadeh